With six months left in this year, a new report seems to indicate that the Android flagships that will get the Snapdragon 875 processor from Qualcomm might be more expensive than this year’s flagships.

Based on data from South Korea, the Snapdragon 875 will be even more costly than the present Snapdragon 865. A whopping 50 p.c enhance in value is expected. A forum post claims the Snapdragon 875 SoC itself will price $130, as in contrast to Snapdragon 865’s $85 price ticket.

The larger $250 price ticket is seemingly what OEMs can have to pay since the firm has made the buy of the whole chipset obligatory, together with the 5G modem and the RF elements.

On the other Hand,

Huawei Technologies Co. has spent 15 years and billions of dollars building an advanced semiconductor company, with the aim of making the Chinese telecom giant self-sufficient. A U.S. blacklisting stands to set it back years in that goal.

Huawei’s chip subsidiary HiSilicon Technologies Co. has grown into one of China’s biggest and most advanced chip companies. Its processors power everything from Huawei’s data centers and smartphones to its base stations for forthcoming fifth-generation wireless networks…

Huawei built its chip design prowess through HiSilicon, which employs 10,000 engineers, over the course of more than a decade. TSMC produces all of HiSilicon’s high-end mobile processors 

Developing its own cutting-edge chips has been a key strategy for Huawei, Washington announced new export control rules on May 15 designed to block Huawei’s own chip development efforts via HiSilicon and the company’s partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

According to Huawei’s statement: “This decision by the US government does not just affect Huawei. It will have a serious impact on a wide number of global industries,”. “In the long run, this will damage the trust and collaboration within the global semiconductor industry which many industries depend on, increasing conflict and loss within these industries. The US is leveraging its own technological strengths to crush companies outside its own borders. This will only serve to undermine the trust international companies place in US technology and supply chains. Ultimately, this will harm US interests.”

Huawei’s homemade chips are more advanced and cost-effective, the US sanction made Huawei seek an alternative from Mediatek. Mediatek will now become the Huawei’s largest processor supplier Already, there were reports that Huawei purchases with MediaTek have risen by 300%. 

The so-called cybersecurity reasons are merely an excuse for the US government to cut the competitiveness of Huawei with American technologies, in the end, it only affects the consumers.


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