Microsoft announced on Thursday that the company has obtained a license to sell software to Huawei. A Microsoft spokesperson said that on November 21st, the US Department of Commerce approved Microsoft’s license application for exporting mass-market software to Huawei. 

The US government allowed some suppliers to restart supply to Huawei on Wednesday. Microsoft’s re-export of software to Huawei means that Huawei’s future matebooks is no longer restricted from using Windows OS, and the installation of the software will be convenient.

Before Microsoft announced on November 22 that it had obtained a license to sell software to Huawei, Microsoft had repeatedly publicly indicated that it hopes to resume supply to Huawei. In September this year, according to (Xinhua News Agency), Microsoft’s Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith told US media that the US government’s approach to Huawei is unfair. The US government has not fully proved that the sanctions against Huawei are reasonable.

According to the reports, the US Department of Commerce confirmed that it has begun issuing licenses for some companies to sell goods to Huawei, but has not yet confirmed which products have been approved for sale. In addition, Huawei has been waiting for Google’s license to provide GMS services to new models of mobile phones to help them sell their products on the global market.


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