Gain early access to HUAWEI Assistant and voice your opinion!

HUAWEI will soon be launching the HUAWEI Assistant. HUAWEI Assistant is your phone’s personal assistant and news feed all in one.

What does the HUAWEI Assistant do?

Global Search

Global Search is an all-in-one search bar that allows user to search for information on your phone such as locally installed apps, memos, emails, calendar entries etc. as well as online.

Instant Access

Instant Access displays your favourite shortcuts conveniently at the top of the HUAWEI Assistant. Users can customize the shortcuts displayed and their location.


SmartCare displays contextual cards provided by Huawei & partners.

At launch, the internal functions Calendar, Weather, Missed Calls, Phone Usage, and Data Consumption are enabled. More cards will be delivered from Huawei and partners in the future.


For the Huawei Newsfeed, we partnered up with the leading news agencies and providers. Newsfeed displays content based on the language & region settings of the device to enable news in users’ language.

How to enter:

  1. Read the campaign rules here.
  2. Download the APK of HUAWEI Assistant, and install it on your HUAWEI or HONOR smartphone. HUAWEI Assistant is supported by smartphones running EMUI 9.1 and above.
  3. Give your feedback about HUAWEI Assistant on Huawei Mobile Services Fans Club (EU) Facebook group or any participating website or forum. Languages: English, Polish, Spanish, Italian, German, French.

Every week Huawei will draw the one winner from all Assistant users, who give feedback about Huawei Assistant in one of the channels specified above. The prize for the winner is P30 Pro. One participant may get only 1 prize during the entire campaign period.

Install the APK, and it will replace the existing Google Discover-feed on the device’s -1 screen.
HUAWEI Assistant is supported by devices running EMUI 9.1. and above.
In order to see News-content, please change your language and region settings to an applicable combination, such as English – United Kingdom for UK English content.
If you wish to return to using Google Discover-feed, uninstall the Huawei Assistant APK and restart the device.



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