Beth McDermott, 49, who was nearly unconscious while fell down from stairs saved by a Huawei phone! She bought a Huawei Y6 Phone a week prior to the accident switching from iPhone which had losing battery power

‘I couldn’t believe that my phone was in reaching distance and when I
looked at it, I still had a 52% battery life on it. I just couldn’t believe my luck.’

She could not believe it because of her old phone had never lasted the battery this long

Here goes the full story,

On the 1 st December 2020 I woke up early as I always do. I always have my phone on my pillow next to me because I like to listen to podcasts and documentaries which help me go to the night before my phone had not been charged and I had put on an hour’s podcast on which I fell asleep too. So, I wake up the next morning a little groggy as you are in the morning, picked up my phone (that had not been charged overnight and had used it the day before). The first three steps from my bedroom down to the next level of my house are very narrow ( a court case is going through about that so I don’t know if you should mention it) and I tripped headfirst down my flight of stairs.

At the bottom of my staircase is my tumble dryer which I hit my head on the corner so hard that it knocked me unconscious.

December was very cold, and I normally turn my heating off at night and turn it back on in the morning which of course I didn’t do due to the accident. I was lying in the same position on my left side for three days in freezing cold conditions and pneumonia set in and my organs were shutting down and I couldn’t move or walk. (obviously, I found this out when I got to the hospital) I couldn’t believe that my phone was in reaching distance and when I looked at it, I still had a 52% battery life on it. I just couldn’t believe my luck. Now I live on my own and very new to the area and no one would have heard my cries because my house is totally detached from any other house.
When I came too, I was very dazed and confused as you can imagine but I
instinctually knew I had to phone the emergency services. I have no idea how long
I waited for them, but I don’t remember it being long. My medical report said I was very confused, and I had no idea where I was. So, I was rushed into resus and was given the medication I needed, and I was also extremely dehydrated. I was in resus for quite some time. At this point, the nurse alerted one of my brothers who is my next of kin who lives 6 hours away. The Doctors and nurses were updating him regularly as it was touch and go at points. The surgeon and specialist all said that it was a miracle I survived such an ordeal. The reason I knew that I had been unconscious for 3 days was worked out by the medical staff, my friends and family. I had loads of missed calls and text messages and it was extremely unlike me to not answer a call especially from my family and dear friends, I was also not on social media which is also unlike me as I am on it every day. 3 days of my life had disappeared, and I will never get them back, let’s hope God gives me 3 days more at the latter stage of my life. I spent a week in hospital in excruciating pain.
The care I received once on the award was awful but that’s a different story altogether. They discharged me when I still couldn’t walk and said they would put a care package together as soon as I left the hospital. This never happened. I had to sit for 2 days on my sofa and I couldn’t move and that was harrowing. I called my brother in tears and he sorted care out for me within 4 hours of contacting the crisis team. I still have to walk with a crutch. I was walking with 2 crutches but now the only one which is great progress. I still have parts of my left leg that has no feeling whatsoever and that is called rhabdomyolysis. It’s a condition of the fibers not repairing themselves and its 50/50 if they ever will (so I have been told by the specialists). So, yes, my Huawei phone saved my life. If I dint have it, I wouldn’t be writing this. I’m 3 months in now and things are still very difficult but I’m alive and that’s the most important thing. When death looks you in the face it’s the scariest thing ever and I am so grateful that a week and a half prior to my accident I bought my Huawei phone!

Pic of Beth holding her Huawei phone after the recovery


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