I’m not Cutting my Hair Until I Succeed’ says Huawei camera chief engineer In a recent interview

Huawei Chief Camera Engineer Wei Luo explains how Huawei smartphone cameras have improved. He highlights super-zoom and how an algorithm known as AI-RAW enhanced wide-angle photography. Wei Luo believes the line between smartphones and professional cameras is becoming increasingly blurred due to AI enabling computational photography to go beyond the limitations of the hardware. So what does he think is the best smartphone for photography? Check out the answers

  Is Mate 30 is the best in terms of Photography?

we didn’t do it all of a sudden develop phone with the best camera, actually our Huawei P9 has the best camera in its day, Of course, the Mate 30 Pro is pretty good in this aspect we have significantly improved our wide-angle photography because we ordered a custom video sensor from a partner and applied an algorithm called AI-RAW into it I think the aesthetics of smartphone photography is to record life as it really is

Which smartphone do you think is the best?

The Next one

How would you respond to the comments about how AI overprocess the images?

I think that the details humans can see aren’t the only details out there, Details are determined by the capability of the sensor

Why did Huawei make the super-zoom function?

Because we have the Slogan: with our smartphones, the world is yours We always want to see things that are far away and you can see things clearer if you zoom in. This is something all naturally want

Where will the line be between professional cameras and smartphones in the future?

I think it will be increasing vague the goal of computational photography is to go beyond the limitations of the hardware With the help of AI. We are sprinting towards this Goal

Highly Recommended feature?

I would like to recommend the 7,680fps super slow-motion video capture of the Mate 30 It can capture the details that you cant see with your eyes such as butterflies and bees flapping their wings and even hummingbirds and bullets

A lot of people say that in low light settings the super slow-motion can be really noisy currently its definitely limited by Hardware think about it when you divide one second into 7,680 frames. The time of exposure for each frame is one 7680-the of a second in

In other words when the sensor and the system record at 1920 frames per second so all you have is one -the 1920th of a second if it is not bright enough we have to raise the ISO. This creates extra Noise, Of course, we are coming up with various algorithms and components we hope that in the future we can improve user’s experience with super slow-motion videos


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