On November 20th, Huawei’s new smart screen product is certified by Wi-Fi Alliance. Adopt an LCD panel and Harmony operating system.

According to the certificate, Huawei’s new smart screen product model is “OSCA-550Y”, the new product size measures 55 inches.

According to the introduction, in addition to the Wi-Fi Alliance certification, the “OSCA-550Y” product also passed the Bluetooth certification on November 13, and it is expected that this product will be launched soon.

As early as September of this year, Huawei officially launched Huawei’s smart screen in Germany. Huawei Smart Screen adopts a 4K quantum dot screen, adopts an 8.1 intelligent sound system, and is equipped with a self-developed Chip. In addition, it has 60 frames of touch screen, video call, AI fitness, AI KIDS and furniture control.



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