The Mate 30 series has been hampered by the ongoing trade war between China and the US, the company ended up launching the Mate 30 series without Google services

Huawei CEO: We Can Still Be Number 1 Smartphone Maker Without Google

If Huawei can’t work with US suppliers, “we will have to resort to alternatives. If those alternatives become mature, I think it’ll become less likely to switch back to previous versions,” the Huawei CEO was quoted as saying.

Huawei has announced today that it managed to sell over 7 million Mate 30 series smartphones on their official handle, the milestone is very impressive in this current situation!


Unlike other vendors, Huawei is facing the US ban. But in such a situation, Huawei still achieved new milestone. Perhaps, as Ren Zhengfei said, Huawei is getting stronger and stronger, and it is the phoenix that burns


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