The 5900 series 5G gNodeB is a 5G base station, which provides wireless user plane (data plane) service for the UE/Terminal, the corresponding management interfaces, and communication with other elements of the core network

Huawei has been awarded the world’s first Common Criteria (CC) Evaluation Assurance Level(EAL)4+ certificate for 5G products. This certificate indicates that the security of Huawei 5G base station products reaches the world-leading level and can provide trusted security assurance for 5G wireless access.

The CC certification is a widely-recognized security certification in the world. There are seven levels. EAL4+ is the higher level for Telecom Industry for that the source code needs to be tested and certified.

Huawei believes that trust needs to be based on facts, facts need to be verifiable, and verification needs to be based on common standards.

Huawei has incorporated internationally recognized cyber security certification standards and requirements, such as CC and FIPS, into product R&D, and actively invites third-party labs to certify Huawei products. 

Currently, its products and solutions have obtained more than 270 security certificates (including CC, FIPS, and CSA). The awarding of the world’s first 5G CC EAL4+ certificate once again demonstrates Huawei’s 5G leadership


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