A semiconductor company that designs, manufactures, and sells integrated circuits (ICs) is an integrated device manufacturer (IDM).

One month has gone since May 15 when Washington banned the shipment of any chips or components made with American technologies. Huawei reportedly scrambled in early May to order about US$700 million worth of 7-nanometer chips from its key supplier TSMC, having got wind of the additional sanctions.

Huawei aims to do the design manufactures semiconductor and ICs on its own in-house and fabrication plant to offer an extremely diverse array of products, services, and technologies that are advantageous for Hisilicon.

According to the interview from @DadingLi with the relevant personnel of Huawei Hisilicon and other business departments,

HiSilicon is still expanding, it is not considering downsizing its design processes for the time being, and it is not considering the rumors of “fading stars”

Hisilicon is actively looking for a foundry to create a design and manufacturing integration IDM.

On the progress of building a manufacturing plant, first, the 8-inch has now found a 130nm OEM line without US technology in China, which can produce products for Huawei immediately;

Second, the 12-inch mature process is working with a domestic foundry (non-SMIC, a high probability Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited) to build a 45nm 12-inch OEM line that does not contain US technology (currently, this line only needs to be replaced by 4- 5 sets of key equipment) which they hope to solve it within the year;

Third, the 12-inch advanced process, External contact interface module with Samsung and TSMC, internal contact interface module with SMIC, aims to create a 28nm product line without American technology to support products above 28nm. All are self-produced;

The above actions mean that in addition to the core mobile phone Kirin series SOC chips that need to adopt MediaTek, Unisoc, and Qualcomm, most other product lines can be gradually made through self-built IDM;

Huawei internally believes that the current stock is sufficient to support HiSilicon until the self-built IDM starts production!

Two years of stock for the core product line (base station) and half a year for non-core (foreign business, mobile phones, set-top boxes, etc.);

Regardless of the results of Sanctions and the November US general election, Huawei builds its own IDM, and at the same time it fully builds China’s Samsung, The route to expand more product lines will not change, and Huawei will do more shortcomings, Huawei will consider self-built teams to solve obvious shortcomings such as EDA tools.


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