On August 9, Huawei Unveiled Harmony OS, which is primarily designed for computers, speakers, smart TVs, wearables and cars, and even Smartphones. It is a completely versatile platform that supports several types of applications such as HTML5, Linux and Android. Last week we reported Huawei to launch HarmonyOS with Dual boot Support on Existing Devices.

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Today we got more information about core applications of HarmonyOS

According to the leaks received by ‘Huawei Advisor‘, Huawei Voice Assistant which has similar features like google assistant is being tested on global languages and Huawei RCS Messaging which allows features such as high-res photos sharing, location sharing, read receipts and typing indicators alongside their usual MMS and SMS services. Basically, it’s richer messaging content with features that we’re used to in messaging apps such as WhatsApp

Also, another HarmonyOS core app (unnamed) with a video calling feature is being tested which could be the alternative of Google Duo.

Look like the company is preparing everything on its own to replace Google’s Android and its core services.

/We are the first one who leaked all these pieces of information, We will reveal more exclusive information in the future. Stay tuned to ‘Huawei Advisor,’! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep yourself updated with exclusive Leaks/


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